Nice to meet you.
We are Telestar Pharmacy, compounding experts owned and operated by the same people of Preston's Pharmacy in Arlington, VA.
With over a combined 100 years of pharmacy experience, our team is confident that we will continue to be a preferred pharmacy for your compounding needs.

We are pharmacy compounding experts.

Since 1934, we have been serving the Washington, D.C. metro area at Preston's Pharmacy. Now, we have opened Telestar Pharmacy—focusing only on compounding and customized medications.
customized care
for everyone
Whether you need a specialized, monitored medication plan or custom-made allergen-free compounds for you, a loved one, or a pet, we will continue to provide utmost care.
experienced team
Our experienced staff are guaranteed to provide excellent service. We focus on quality assurance and require all personnel to complete all relevant continued education courses and certifications.
top-tier facility
and ingredients
From our temperature-controlled 10,000 square foot facility to sourcing the highest-quality bulk powder and ingredients, we are able to ensure only precise and personalized medications. We use a third party testing for quality assurance.
Enjoy zero cost refills, online refills, free delivery, and same-day pick-up. These are just some of the personalized services that Telestar offers. Our team focuses on every detail, convenience, and speed for all of your needs.
Syringe and Pills
Need other services?
Our sister pharmacy, Preston’s Pharmacy is Arlington, Virginia’s oldest independent pharmacy. Contact us here for more information on the following services:
  • Need other services?
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Compression stockings
  • CBD oil
  • Immunizations
  • Gift shop
  • Delivery for commercial prescriptions
  • Strep and flu testing
  • COVID-19 testing, immunizations, and boosters
  • Free health screen consultation