Frequently asked questions

Compounding prescriptions, or “drug compounding” is the specialized pharmaceutical process of combining, mixing, or altering two or more ingredients to create a new custom medication tailored to the needs of a patient.

Yes! At Telestar we understand that it may be difficult for you or your loved one to physically come to our location, that is why we believe that every extra step we can provide for added convenience for you is important! We offer free standard delivery on all prescriptions. If you require expedited shipping, please let our team know.

Your future refill(s) will be filled at Telestar Pharmacy. No need to call; our staff will automatically transfer your prescription compound refill(s) to our new state-of-the-art facility.

Lookout for a call from our pharmacy staff to verify all of your information and let us know if you prefer pickup or delivery. We will confirm all of your personal information (address, name, and date-of-birth) and let you know the estimated date and time for you to pick-up or when it will be delivered.

Let us know how we did! Your feedback matters. Let us know if you were satisfied with your experience. If not, please email us at: Satisfied? Please leave us a review on Google or Yelp!

Within 24 hours of us receiving your prescription from your doctor, we will give you a call to verify your information (name, address, date-of-birth, and phone number).

Your doctor chose a compounding pharmacy for your medication based on your healthcare needs. This may be because a commercial medication is no longer available, or you require a customized medication plan that your standard pharmacy cannot make. Ask a pharmacist today about your prescription here. <link to contact>

24-hours once we verify your info for pickup.
48-hours once we verify your info for delivery.

You can order refills here <link to refill form>. For new prescriptions you can walk-in and drop off your prescription, or your doctor can call or fax it in directly to us.

Please contact our pharmacy to confirm whether your compounded prescription is filled at Telestar Pharmacy or at our sister pharmacy, Preston’s Pharmacy. Currently we are offering these compounding services <link to compounding services page> at Telestar. If you have a non-compounded (standard) prescription, we can fill your prescription at Preston’s Pharmacy. We offer free standard delivery on all compounded medications at both Telestar and Preston’s Pharmacy. For regular commercial prescriptions, we are able to fill them for you at Preston’s for a seamless experience.

Telestar Pharmacy does not accept insurance; we are a cash pharmacy. All of the compounded prescriptions we fill are generally not accepted by insurance. If you require assistance with reimbursement forms or have any questions regarding billing, we can provide guidance on how to contact your insurance.

We source all of our chemicals through FDA inspected facilities that hold themselves to the highest standards.

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